The Future Was Yesterday


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released March 30, 2015

RAYGUN is Piri Eddy (Lyrics and vocals) and Jesse Miles (Music and programming). All music written and performed by RAYGUN. Recorded, mixed and mastered by Jose Tortabu at Arion Studios, South Australia. Artwork by Colourspace Designs.



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RAYGUN Adelaide, Australia

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Track Name: Psilence
Lost in the colours/Lost in the void/With all this noise and madness/Your face is lost/And I don’t think I can take it anymore/I’m lost in the silence/I’m lost in the noise/And I can’t take it anymore.

I’m slipping away again/And no one seems to notice/Falling into pieces/I’m falling into pieces/You’re lost in the game again and all the world it keeps you sleepless/Falling into pieces/You’re falling into pieces.

Lost in the echoes/In blinding lights/With all these people talking/Solipsist eclipse’s/And I don’t think that I can take it anymore/Lost in the silence/I’m lost in your void/And I won’t take it anymore.

It’s so easy for you to lose all control/And take it apart until it explodes/I’ll watch it all break and wait for the day/That it might just be me and it might just be silence.

I pray for silence/I pray for silence/You don’t know me but you can’t stop lying.

You turned us into what you wanted/Into unsuspecting fools/It was only a matter of time/We lost ourselves/And we lost all feeling/Now we’re unsuspecting fools/Stuck here listening to a billion minds.

It might just be silence/Lost in the echoes/Lost in the void/I’m lost in your noise/And I can’t take it anymore.
Track Name: Jet Alone
Find the start of me, try and find the heart of me,
Pin me to the wall and try and read a single part of me.
I know that I’ll hardly be,
Bleeding from the artery.
Bleeding from my arteries,
Trying to find a part of me,
Flying through the stars with me.
I’ll Jet Alone,
I’ll Jet Alone,
Past galaxies unknown,
I’ll Jet Alone.

I will never exist if I/Don’t find the end of me like/Won’t know my friends or enemies/If I don’t find the skyline/Won’t know my boundaries if I don’t try to break minds/Takes time to expand across lands to achieve this synthesis/So I might come home when we both share existences/Hard to accept but I kind of predicted this/So I’ll flash through the universe like/Supernovas and asteroid strikes/Find the secrets, and maybe come home/But for now, I’ll cross galaxies I will jet alone.

And I left you,
Where I found you.
And I found you,
Where I left you.
Track Name: Arrival
Switch rockets on to thrust, lit by flares, warm to touch/Clutch your heart and steady aim/Fire into unknown mazes/It’s amazing the blazing lights don’t burn a whole in space but for ages/Didn’t trust the radioactive waves/Now they think it’s so outrageous/Cool/Love the smell and love the touch/Sweating in the gleam of light but always so abrupt/Little beep/Excuse the rudeness, but I’ve got a dude on tube, who wants to sell me brand new shoes/And soon it’s out of fashion so I better hurry up with this transaction/I’m plugged in, so I don’t miss anything/Latest trends and all my friends tend to bug me in the end/Cancel subscription, silence then/Encrypted living/Online phishes wishing for a better future from my armchair/I want to live this forever.

The Arrival, it’s arrived and always right on time.
And change your mind and colour of your life.
Better get online,
And plug in my mind,
And just let me get on by.
And I think all I’ll ever need is this.
To break away and step into the blinding lights,
Where I’m always safe,
And I’m free to always be the things I’ve ever wanted.

Blink away the darkness/Sitting in apartments/Looking over cities and the parks/Away from the laughter away from the sparks/Away from the life and away from the harsh chiding looks and remarks/Hook up a mask/Wear it as I look through the dark/But when I plug in I look the part/Arrive with style they mistook my heart/But they won’t find me/Arrive free, and arrive with these dreams/Can you see my demons leaving? Breathe/Float away tonight/Will you join me and light up the night?/ Cause we could be anything with these machines/Heroes, villains, realise our dreams/Never leave ourselves open to harm/Live this forever, plug it into my arm/It’s my charm, my destiny/Ever present entity, and eventually/It will all consume my soul/Body mind, let me lose control/Let me lose control/It will consume my soul/The Arrival it’s arrived and right on time it’s live.